Brewery Tours

Brewery Tours – Public & Private

Let Top Shelf Tours show off central Indiana’s fabulous craft breweries! We have unique Indianapolis Brewery Tours ranging from downtown to the southside. The breweries offer those on the tour buses a varying array of samples, with some breweries giving small half-shot glassfuls, others being a little more generous, and still others really not offering much of anything unless asked. Regardless, you’ll have time to relax at the breweries and enjoy a pint of your favorites. Get the details for each specific tour below and book your tour today!
To rent the entire bus and design your own brewery tour:
Custom Tour
To buy one seat on a brewery tour we’ve designed:
Public Tour
NOTE: We are picking these up again in March…hopefully Covid will be done by then!

And remember, we don’t charge your card until the week of your trip in case you need to change plans.