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indianapolis brewery tours

Indianapolis Brewery Tours

Let Top Shelf Tours show off central Indiana’s fabulous craft breweries!

We’re going to spend between 40-45 minutes at each brewery so you won’t feel rushed at each stop. We want you to be able to sit back and enjoy your time at each location, then buy a pint of your favorites and refill your growlers while you’re there.

Our southside pick up spot is Shallos Restaurant in Greenwood, and our downtown pick up spot is Sun King Brewery on College Avenue. If you have a large group and are close to one of these points, please contact us about an alternate pickup point.

We do need to have at least six people signed up on a tour to make them fun, worthwhile, and viable.

Each brewery makes their own decision on whether they give samples and how many samples to give each person. We are not affiliated with the breweries, and cannot promise what they will give anyone. However, when the craft brewery scene was first starting in Indianapolis, breweries were a lot freer with samples than they are now for some reason. You can always ask the bartenders if you can try any beers that they are selling, as they do want you to buy a pint or a growler.
Also, please note that the “tour” aspect of the brewery tour is that we’re going to different breweries in the area, and not necessarily a tour of each brewery’s back room. We try to make your time on the bus as fun as possible and to give you a memorable experience while you’re with us!



Our brewery-by-the-seat public tours

Click on a logo to visit their page, then click on the yellow button to book.

Saturday afternoon Indy Tour

Visiting Ellison Brewery – Garfield Brewery – Books & Brews – Beech Bank Brewing


    Approximate Itinerary:

  • Leave Shallo’s in Greenwood at 11:30 am
  • Leave Sun King downtown at 12:00
  • Ellison Brewery (12:15 – 1:00)
  • Garfield Brewery (1:15 – 2:00)
  • Books & Brews (2:15 – 3:00)
  • Beech Bank Brewing (3:15 – 3:55)
  • Arrive at Sun King downtown (4:00)
  • Arrive at Shallo’s in Greenwood (4:45)
    Saturday Afternoon Brewery Tour I



    Saturday evening Indy Tour

    Visiting Indiana City Brewery – RAD/Flat12 – Centerpoint – Mashcraft on Delaware


      Approximate Itinerary:
  • Leave Shallo’s in Greenwood at 5:30
  • Leave Sun King downtown at 6:00
  • Indiana City Brewery (6:15 – 7:00)
  • RAD/Flat12 (7:15 – 8:00)
  • Centerpoint (8:15 – 9:00)
  • Mashcraft on Delaware (9:15 – 10:00)
  • Arrive at Sun King downtown (10:15)
  • Arrive at Shallo’s in Greenwood (10:45)
    Saturday Downtown Brewery Tour II