How does this work?

  • We offer our buses for private and public by-the-seat rentals. With the private rentals, we pick you up wherever you’d like and take you wherever you’d like to go, and the bus is yours exclusively.
  • For the public tours, you’ll get a seat on the bus to go on a tour we have designed on our own. We’ll pick you up in a designated place and time and have a designated route, then you’ll be brought back to your pick up spot.

How can we book?

  • Booking can be accomplished online through this website. Just go to the page and click on one of the ‘BOOK NOW’ buttons for your choice.
  • A calendar screen will come up. Choose your date (if available).
  • For private rentals, choose your pickup time. For public tours, click the button under the ‘BOOK HERE’.
  • Answer the simple questions that follow regarding your booking.
  • You’ll need a credit card to reserve, but we don’t charge it until the week of the show.

When do we get charged for our trip?

  • We always run the cards you book with sometime during the week of your trip. We’ve found that this is what most people are happy with.

When does our booking start?

  • For private rentals, you’re paying from the time we arrive to pick you up until the time that we drop you off. It does NOT start when the driver leaves the bus storage, as it doesn’t seem fair to us to charge you for our drive time. However, there may be a nominal charge for pickups out of the central Indiana area.
  • You can pay for extra time if you need it. We don’t like to nickle-and-dime you.

What does our payment cover?

  • It covers our costs for the driver, gas, and the bus itself. It doesn’t cover anything you might spend at the stops we make, including any tasting fees. It also doesn’t cover any gratuity to the driver that you may want to make.
  • We don’t have any hidden fees, like an extra charge for gas or the driver. If the pickup or your route is outside of our normal area, we may charge you a little bit more due to the extra distance and time

What does ‘tour’ mean in relation to the brewery, winery, or distillery tours?

  • This means that we drive from place to place. The establishments used to give physical tours of their facilities, but they’re just too busy to offer them anymore. Sometimes we get lucky and they offer a tour of their processes, but unfortunately that has become rare.

What about gratuity?

  • If you feel that your driver served you well, he/she would definitely appreciate a tip!

What’s your cancellation policy?

  • If you need to cancel, please do so at least 36 hours before your trip. Plans are getting solidified by that time.
  • If your credit card gets declined, please make other payment arrangements prior to your trip.

Can we make special requests?

  • There is a question during the booking process called ‘Notes for Top Shelf’. If you’d like, you can put your requests or anything else you’d like us to know in there.

How can coupon codes be entered?

  • During the online booking process on the window that pops up that asks for credit card information, there is a place to enter promo codes in a light blue font. Click on the “Click here to redeem a Gift Card / Promo Code” line and another box should appear.

Does Top Shelf provide pick up/drop off services?

  • This is very difficult for us to do because people usually want a specific time to be picked up and dropped off, then picked up again at a certain time. This means that the bus and the driver would have to remain idle during the gap and we wouldn’t be able to provide our services to anyone else during the idle time. It becomes a problem logistically, so we really have to keep to four-hour minimums on the bus rentals.

Can we bring food and drinks on the bus?

  • Snacks are welcomed, as a lot of the breweries, wineries, and distilleries don’t serve food.
  • Alcohol can be consumed on the bus, but please remember that the breweries, wineries, and distilleries allow us to stop by so you’ll purchase their drinks.
  • We have had complaints from our tour stops that our riders are sometimes too drunk when they arrive, so we must restrict hard liquor on the bus on brewery, winery, or distillery tours.
  • Also, remember that you CANNOT drink any alcohol once you get off the bus at one of our stops. Not only does this make the breweries, wineries, and distilleries very upset, but it’s against the law. Please support them by buying their stuff.

Can people under 21 be on the bus?

  • Yes, we have driven many younger people to proms, birthday parties, and whatever else.
  • We don’t provide alcohol and we don’t check ID, so if a group of adults is on the bus with one or two people under 21 it’s ok. If the group ends up going to a venue that requires ID, those people will have to do something else in the meantime or hang out on the bus.

How many buses do you have?

  • Currently, we have five buses that all fit 12-14 people, 12 more comfortably.

Do you provide us alcohol?

  • Sorry, we can’t under current Indiana law. You can bring your own or we can make a stop at a store for the private rentals.

Can we cross state lines?

  • Unfortunately, our license doesn’t allow us to go out of the state yet.

Do you have a wheelchair lift?

  • Unfortunately, we do not. Hopefully someday!

What if I have more questions?

  • You can call 317-535-3535. Please leave a voice mail message if no one answers and we’ll get back to you. This number cannot receive texts.
  • You can send an email to customerservice@topshelf.tours. If you don’t get a reply, try again. We think there is something wrong with our email sometimes, but it’s intermittent and hard to figure out what’s wrong.
  • There’s also Facebook Messenger.