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Brewery Tours

Let Top Shelf Tours show off central Indiana’s fabulous craft breweries! We have unique Indianapolis Brewery Tours ranging from downtown to the southside. The breweries offer those on the tour buses a varying array of samples, with some giving small half-shot glassfuls and others being a little more generous. Regardless, you’ll have time to relax at the breweries and enjoy a pint of your favorites. Get the details for each specific tour below and book your tour today!
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Winery Tours

Are you a wine enthusiast?
Maybe you’re curious about local wineries?
Or maybe you just like long, relaxing afternoons with your friends?
Regardless, let Top Shelf’s winery tours show off central Indiana’s fabulous wineries! From an urban setting to vineyards nestled in the countryside, these wineries offer lots to explore…wonderful scenery, unique artwork, beautiful landscaping, hospitality, and of course the wines themselves.
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Distillery Tours

Indiana laws have recently changed, so local distillers with the proper licensing are now able to offer samples and sell directly to the public. Top Shelf Tours has made arrangements with these fine establishments not only give you a small taste of several cocktails and spirits, but you’ll also get a discussion at a couple of the locations on their history and how their spirits are made. Spirit samples are $5 at each location.
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We need to have at least five people signed up on a tour to make them fun, worthwhile, and viable. You may be asked to reschedule if we don’t get enough people on your tour.